19 years Rape Victim’s family reaches Allahabad HC by plea of habeas corpus and the plea was rejected

19 years Rape Victim’s family reaches Allahabad HC by plea of habeas corpus and the plea was rejected. 

This post is written by Garima Sethi.

The 19 years old rape victim’s family in Hathras Uttar Pradesh, are denied of their right to freely move. According to the record they are detained in their own house and police officials are not allowing them to go out and talk to people freely. They alleged that their right to move freely is hindered by the police officials and they are detained at their own place.
A plea of habeas corpus is moved to Allahabad High Court for their relaese. The plea is filed on befalf on family members by a social worker, Surender Kumar. The plea demands complete exemption to meet people and talk openly to people about the entire incident that had taken place with their daughter. The victim had several injuries and was raped by four upper caste men as she was from dalit community, she couldn’t survive the incident and died on 29th September in Delhi. Since then the family is of the victim is imprisoned at their own place and and are surrounded by police officials all the time. The situation had worsened that even 1 km away from the village police has restricted the media and othe opposition party members to enter the villaage and talk to the victim’s family. The family is surrounded by SIT and other officials. They are not allowed to meet anybody without permission of police officers. Even on 2 October many media channels were trying their best to meet the victim’s family and get more information on the incident, but police had restricted them to enter the village.
The Uttar Pradesh government has strictly forbidden the victim’s family to freely move within their premises also, each family members has two security officials, a metal detector is installed at entry of their premises. The family members are under CCTV surveillance 24×7. The premises is guarded by numerous numbers of police officials. The Uttar Pradesh government has strictly prohibited any person to enter the premises of victim’s family other than the police officials and other related people. Within the village also an additional force has been deployed to keep on the security check. They are given security treatment at such a level that if this scenario is seen by a ordinary man, it is easy to make out that there’s something that is still hidden and government is trying to hide something related to the case. If it would have been a normal rape case the, victim’s family must have be allowed to atleast go out of their own house and how can we all forget about the victim’s dead body was not even handes over to family members its last rituals were done by police officials only. As the family is under so much pressure of police officials the victim’s family is not able to reveal the truth and the facts which are tried to secretly hide are yet to be discovered. The entire picture of truth is yet to come out in public and this can not happen until and unless the victim’s family come out to people on their own without any pressure of police officers and government.
The High court of Allahabad may hear it’s plea of habeas corpus today itself as it has been file on urgent basis. But unfortunately the plea was dismissed by the High Court of Allahabad, although the court had directed that police should allow the family members to talk to people freely. A bench of Justices Prakash Padia and Pritinker Diwaker, without looking into the merits of the plea the bench dismissed the plea by saying that” …judicial propriety demands that it will not be proper for this Court to entertain the present petition on merits, especially when security has been provided to petitioners 1 to 6 and other family members of the deceased victim-girl on the observation made by the Hon’ble Apex Court and also on the basis of the directions issued by the Lucknow Bench of this Court on 01.10.2020 in a Suo Motu Petition.” The order has also added that of the petitioners are facing any problem they are free to approach to Supreme Court.  The High Court had also clarified that Supreme Court had directed the Uttar Pradesh government to provide adequate security and protection to the victim’s family .

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