Plea filed in Supreme Court asking for CBI OR SIT probe into the HATHRAS RAPE AND MURDER Case

Plea filed in Supreme Court asking for CBI OR SIT probe into the HATHRAS RAPE AND MURDER Case

A plea was filed by Satyama Dubey, a social activist on Wednesday in the Hon’ble Supreme Court seeking for immediate CBI or SIT probe under the jurisdiction of sitting or retired judges of High Courts. It asked for urgent shift of case from Uttar Pradesh to Delhi for trial. The urgency was felt when the local authority failed to take adequate action against the accused that first raped and later strangled the girl eventually leading to her brutal death. 

The 19 year old girl belonged to the Dalit caste and from the small village of Hathras. She was assaulted by four men on September 14th 2020. She was admitted to the Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi with severe back injuries, paralysis and cut tongue. She took her last breathe on Tuesday morning.

The accused have been allegedly arrested after 10 days of the incident. The record of the victim was recorded on 23rd September.

The plea highlighted the media reports claiming the victim’s tongue being cut and her spinal being paralyzed by the accused who apparently were members of the Upper Castes.

The dead body was taken into police custody and cremated at 2:30 am by the same police without prior informing the parents. The plea projected the grave injustice served and how the family of the deceased didn’t get the last chance to have a funeral. The plea read on how the police personnel’s stopped both the family and the media from witnessing the cremation.

The Petitioner claimed justice on behalf of the victim who was not just Raped but Murdered. The Petitioner also urged for speedy trial of the case.

Justice needs to be served immediately as the incident has outreached the entire nation. The rights were violated in all aspects and the Judiciary needs to drive its attention towards it immediately. 

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